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Looking for a way to contribute to reforestation efforts? Consider purchasing a pair of our socks! With each pair sold, we pledge to plant a tree in one of four states:

US Forest, California, Oregon, or Washington.

Not only will you be making a difference in the environment, but you'll also be stepping into a comfortable and stylish pair of socks. Visit our website to learn more about our initiative and browse our collection of replant pairs.

When you purchase a Replant Pair from us, we'll donate $1 to the nonprofit organization of your choice.

Here are the organizations we've partnered with for each state:


Each of these nonprofits is committed to replanting trees in their respective state. What a treeat! Not only will you be contributing to our reforestation efforts, but you'll also be supporting these important causes. Visit our website to purchase your Replant Pair and select the organization you'd like to support.

Replant Pairs Report


As of December 2022, our replanting project, which began in November 2021, has successfully planted 7,443 trees.


Here's a breakdown of the number of trees planted in each state:

US Forest: 461

・California: 392

・Oregon: 6,303

・Washington: 287


Together, we can continue to plant more trees and help spread roots in the ground!


Join us at

Replant Pairs Team Joins in Tree-Planting Event to Support Reforestation Efforts in Oregon.

March 23, 2023

On March 23rd, Our team had the opportunity to experience tree-planting at an event hosted by Oregon Department of Forestry(ODF) and The State Forests Wildfire Restoration Fund, a non-profit organization based in Oregon, with whom we have partnered.

First and foremost, ODF conveyed the dire consequences of fires on the forests and neighboring communities, along with the continuous endeavors to adequately restore fire-damaged regions.

After parking our car at a state park, we hiked up a hill for about five minutes until we reached the designated replanting area. This was a safe zone where reforestation could take place, as opposed to the many dangerous areas that were off-limits due to the wildfire.

Using shovels and our bare hands, we planted trees in the space created by the wildfire, leaving approximately 3-5 feet of distance between each tree.

Participating in this effort was both educational and rewarding, as we were able to contribute to the recovery process and gain a greater understanding of the vital work being done by the ODF and the community.


By taking part in these small yet impactful actions, we hope to make a positive difference for the environment and contribute to a better future.

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